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Friday, March 13, 2020

Recently one of our State Fund employers received a Subpoena Duces Tecum purportedly from the Ohio Inspector General’s Office. The subpoena requested confidential information about injured claimants. The employer forwarded the Subpoena to us and asked for help. Upon first review, the Subpoena looked like it may be a scam. However, it turned out to be REAL!

We spoke with a Deputy Inspector General and researched the powers of the Ohio Inspector General. It turns out that the Ohio Inspector General has subpoena powers to compel production of documents, and the ability to obtain contempt orders from a common pleas court for failure to comply. The Ohio Inspector General   has authority to question any person transacting business with any state agency including the BWC and IC and to review and copy documents and records in the possession of any person transacting business with the BWC and IC.

As stated in the Subpoena and explained to us by a Deputy Inspector General, the Ohio Inspector General is investigating wrongdoing by state employees and/or vendors regarding the accuracy of information in the BWC system. The state fund employer was NOT the target of the investigation. The Subpoena specified documents that would not be filed on the BWC or IC websites, rather internal documents and correspondence, regarding otherwise confidential information about injured workers.  

If you receive documents identified as a Subpoena from the Ohio Inspector General, please do NOT delay and call us immediately, 937-748-9770.

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