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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Finally, focusing attention on the epidemic opioid problem in Ohio, the state’s Medical Board is amending existing prescribing rules. These amended rules would do the following:

  1. Opioid for acute pain not more than a seven day supply.
  2. Providers may prescribe opioids in excess of supply limits only if the reason is provided in patient’s record.
  3. Additional scripts are not to exceed an average of 30 (Morphine Equivalent Dose) per day.

While there are some exceptions to these limits, physicians are also required to consider other therapy treatment options before prescribing an opioid analgesic.

Further, extended-release or long-acting opioid analgesics are not to be prescribed for the treatment of acute pain. These new requirements take effect August 31, 2017. These rules apply to all Ohio prescribers regardless of insurance coverage and allow Ohio to take a step in the right direction to control this devastating addiction.

It has yet to be determined how closely the Industrial Commission will follow these rules.

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